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Michal Nejtek : Für Elsa Zylberstein II

Premiere: Martinů Hall of Lichtenstein Palace, December 7, 2009

Five years ago I wrote a piece that I titled Für Elsa Zylberstein and after a short consideration numbered it as “I”, in anticipation of possible continuation. And here it is. Für Elsa Zylberstein II, perhaps much more than its elder sister, deals with emptiness, the unfulfilled implicitness of ideas and sounds that are realized in pauses, silence, thoughts. Their story should unfold as if in prehistorical (mythical) time, that is, not on an axis of time, but in the movement from event to event, moment to moment. What falls in-between is perhaps more important than the sonic events themselves. Fulfillment in silence.

PLEASE NOTE: you are listening to a live recording from the premiere

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