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Michal Nejtek - The Lightning Speed of the Past

Premiere: Archa Theatre, December 7, 2014
Hana Blažíková - voice, gothic harp & bass guitar

The motto could be the word "dialogue." I wanted primarily to create a space of discourse for the manifold talents of soloist Hana Blažíková. The composition has baroque singing conversing with gothic harp and rock bass guitar. Another "dialogue" was created with Jiří Adámek in that the libretto samples the writings of our favorite writers, heterogeneous texts engaging in "discourse" with one another and unexpectedly often finding a common language. Ingeborg Bachmann speaks from afar with Paul Celan about shadow and the word. Raymond Carver speaks with Luis Bunuel about the ever-present past and crucial role of chance ... I enjoy finding the points of contact between different worlds. I enjoy the space between them, the new geometry that arises from this exploration.

PLEASE NOTE: you are listening to live recording from the premiere

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