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Tomáš Pálka & Michaela Plachká in-den-BERG-en

Premiere: Veletržní Palace – Studio Hrdinů, November 11, 2013
Michal Rataj - live electronics

“We worked together on a lot of projects, electroacoustic compositions and cross-genre cooperations. This is the first time we wrote an orchestral work together. In terms of composition, our worlds are close and complementary. Our piece is a reflection of a recovered concentration and peace for work and things which fulfil us in the long run.”
An orchestra on the stage, an ensemble in the back and a voice under the stage – those are three complementary spaces that represent interfaces of a larger group, the individual and an inner voice. They all have their meaning and form our relationship to society, ourselves and spiritual values.

PLEASE NOTE: you are listening to a live recording from the premiere

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