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Vojtěch Esterle Three Canons for String Orchestra

Premiere: Grand Hall of Hlahol, September 24, 2012

I chose the canon form for this piece because I like everybody in the orchestra to know what the other players are playing. The principle of a canon is that everybody plays the same part. However, this doesn’t mean it all has to sound the same – the canons can have different forms, individual voices may start singing in different time intervals or at the same time, their tempo may be the same or may differ and they may all start on the same tone or at different heights. Despite all these variations, everybody is playing the same music all of the time. And because my piece was played at a concert devoted to hymns and odes, you can hear in the third canon the melody of a Protestant song ‘All Mighty God through Christ Save Us’.

PLEASE NOTE: you are listening to a live recording from the premiere

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