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Martin Hybler : Outsider Bohemian

… the man who survived every society
Story for bassoon and chamber orchestra, op. 29

Premiere: La_Fabrika, 20/11/2007
Tomáš Františ – bassoon

An outsider fails to meet social standards and is, without knowing it and agreeing to it, overlooked by the society and left aside. Unlike the bohemian who differentiates willfully and purposefully chooses mossy routes. The outsider bohemian from my composition represents an object who is aware of his unique abilities and experience but has no one to cultivate them for. To the social norm his results are boring. The story of my outsider bohemian tells about the journey of a man who becomes estranged from the society at which moment his eyes open and he surprisingly discovers his inner equilibrium. The piece is dedicated to the bassoonist Tomáš Františ.


please note: you are listening to the live recordings from the premieres

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