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Jan Dušek : Chalomot jehudi’im / Jewish Dreams

Premiere: Jerusalem Synagogue, Oct.16, 2008

My work Chalomot yehudi’im (Jewish Dreams) consists of seven parts, of as many as menora, a seven branched Jewish candelabrum. I wanted to express sorrow over fatal moments of human life: love – loss of a beloved person, survival – death, war – piece, hope – hopelessness… Clarinet and cello represent hope and death and constitute counterpoint to the soprano – a human being. Inspiration came to me also with poems by Yehuda Amichai, an Israeli poet who is virtually unknown in our country.

1. Performance Called Future

2. Remembrance of Love: Vision

3. Water Surface

4. Rain on a Battle Field

5. Intermezzo

6. Accompany Me

7. Jerusalem

please note: you are listening to the live recordings from the premieres

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