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Jakub Rataj Proraketon

Premiere: DOX, April 22, 2013
Michal Cimala, Jakub Rataj - raketon

While composing the piece Proraketon, I spent a lot of time discovering the colours of raketon and the method of playing it. The purpose of the raketon’s part is to introduce the instrument from the sound angle; I work with musical gestures which create an impulse for the orchestra. The orchestra reacts to the gesture and recreates it into a new shape. I drew the structure of the composition on paper and noted a few basic musical parameters. The dynamic flow of the piece curved into a mountainous shape and I further stratified the individual hills. To the individual layers I assigned different groups of instruments, which keep on fading and reappearing through the piece, akin to small waves merging into a big one.

PLEASE NOTE: you are listening to a live recording from the premiere

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