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František Chaloupka The Book of Earth

I. Sanos | II. A Nanti | III. Laudes | IV. Terros | V. Lumeno

Premiere: DOX, April 10, 2012

The Book of Earth follows two earlier compositions: The Book of Sand (2010) and The Book of Pendulum (2010-2012). This series of compositions examines new possibilities of aleatoric music (i.e. chance or indetermination) based on a synthesis of notations; notation which combines graphic and traditional notation and employs non-metric indications and gestures. Each of these compositions, as their titles suggests, focuses on certain compositional issues, and at the same time represents, illustrates and musically evokes the given subject, namely the pendulum, sand or earth – presenting them as some kind of alchemic elements.

PLEASE NOTE: you are listening to a live recording from the premiere

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